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There are now 3 ways to control set()'s encoding behavior.

  1. Using the HBJS_ENCODE directive within HBR@INIT and/or HBGC.  The values for the HBJS_ENCODE_SET = 0 | 1. directive are 0 (do not encode) and 1 (URL encoding is enabled).  0 is the default, 1 enables encoding so ; if 1 is specified, passed & and = characters are properly handled and work as expected. The value of HBJS_ENCODE_SET establishes the default value for HB.Session() objects that are created.
  2. On an HB.Session() individual object level. encodeSet property was added. It is a boolean value. It inherits the value from HBJS_ENCODE_SET as noted in #1. It can then be overidden.  This only affects the object instance it is set on.


Any of the above options will work, just ; use whatever fits the your situation best.