Change in Support

On August 1, 2022 Broadcom finalized the acquisition of HostBridge. We would like to take this opportunity to provide you with details regarding the upcoming changes to how you engage with Technical Support for your service needs.  As a result of the acquisition, the majority of HostBridge support portals and related services, tools and assets will migrate to Broadcom on October 31, 2022. We are confident the new Broadcom support experience will continue to provide you the same great experience you have today, allowing you to:

Quickly answer your technical questions: Search capabilities via the Broadcom Support Portal will allow you to find a variety of document sources including knowledge base articles, product documentation, community posts, product announcements and software releases.

Collaborate within the community: Browse through the Broadcom Community and collaborate with other industry experts on a variety of topics.

Manage your support cases: An integrated case management experience through the Broadcom Support Portal will allow you to open and manage your support cases online and search for related knowledge articles during the case creation process.

Manage your assets: The Broadcom Support Portal will feature your asset and entitlement information and allow you to download software releases.

Important: License keys can be requested via phone, chat or by submitting a case through the Broadcom Support Portal and selecting “CA Licensing” as the product. Navigate to the Contact Support page for more information. 

HostBridge customers should expect to receive further information between now and October 31, 2022, with instructions on how to register on the Broadcom Support Portal and begin engaging with support. 

As a reminder, transitioning from HostBridge systems to Broadcom systems will take place on October 31, 2022. PLEASE CONTINUE CONTACTING HOSTBRIDGE SUPPORT UNTIL THAT DATE. After this date, you will no longer have access to the HostBridge systems for support. For all other transition inquiries, please contact Broadcom Customer Support by phone, chat or case. 

Welcome to the HostBridge Documentation Wiki.  This Wiki is the only official documentation site for HostBridge, HB.js, HTAC and other HostBridge Technology products.

Here you can find everything you need to know about how to install, configure, use and troubleshoot HostBridge, HB.js and HTAC.  

This is the place you come to first when you need to know about the HostBridge suite of products.  At the bottom of most pages are comment sections.  If something is unclear or insufficient please let us know there and we will fix it.

Please note a new link to the right of this block (  This link will lead you to a new site where we describe, among other things, how to generate a JavaScript object from a COBOL copybook, generate a screen/field object, and send files we request from you to us depending on their size.

Another new link is HostBridge Code Share.  This link connects you to tips and suggestions for executing certain tasks within the HB.js and other environments. 

Finally, there is now a mobile app which will allow you to access the HostBridge Support site from your mobile device.  You can find the instructions to do this in the next column.

For Support:

Open a support ticket bweb:

Contact us bphone: 1-800-225-5224

Other information (including software downloads): Click here.

HostBridge Installation (existing customers): Instructions

HostBridge Installation (new and international customers): Instructions

HostBridge Useful Tools: 

HostBridge Code Share: Click here.

HostBridge Mobile App Instructions: Click here.

Please note: 

HostBridge is not affected by the log4j vulnerability in any way, as log4j is not used in any HostBridge components.

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