This checklist is intended to give the HostBridge installer a broad overview of the types of skills and resources that are needed to successfully install HostBridge on an IBM mainframe running the VSE operating system.

HostBridge installations may require one or more people to complete, depending on the breakdown of responsibilities within your organization. The resources required may include:

  • VSE systems programmer
  • CICS systems programmer
  • Mainframe security administrator
  • DB2 administrator (if the HB2 DB2 facility is being installed)
  • Network administrator (just to provide valid IP addresses and port numbers)

In most cases, the CICS systems programmer can perform the installation alone.

Before starting to install HostBridge, you should:

  • Confirm that you have met the minimum system requirements to install HostBridge (defined here).
  • Confirm that you have received a HostBridge license key. If you have not, contact HostBridge Sales.
  • Ensure that you have either a 3490/3590 cartridge or an AWSTAPE format file containing HostBridge.
  • Ensure that you can FTP those files to your VSE in BINARY format.
  • Ensure that you have the authority to perform assemblies and LNKEDTs on the VSE system.
  • Ensure that you have the authority to create and load VSAM files.
  • Ensure that you have the authority to create and load VSE libraries and sublibraries.
  • Ensure that you can create CICS RDO definitions for files and programs, modify and assemble a CICS PLT, and modify a CICS SIT.
  • Determine which TCP/IP IP address and port numbers that you are going to use to communicate with CICS (via HostBridge) from the web. You may need to get this information from your network administrator.

    The port numbers will also be required for the CICS TCPIPSERVICE definitions used by HostBridge.
  • Be sure that you give your security administrator the HLQ of your HostBridge files so that he/she can permit the CICS regions that have HostBridge installed in them to access those files.
  • Set aside approximately 100 cylinders of disk space for HostBridge programs, files, and source members.
  • Obtain access to the VSE operator console so that you can issue the S RDR,cuu and R RDR,jobname commands, and respond to WTORs if necessary.
  • Ensure that the DB2 bind/grant procedures for HostBridge can be executed.

    This is required only if you have purchased the HostBridge for DB2 feature.

  • Execute the installation procedure as shown in the online HostBridge documentation (which can be found here).

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