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HostBridge Installation Files

So what do I do with the above files? See the Installation Instructions.

HostBridge IDE


The Java Run-Time Environment (JRE) must be installed on the workstation prior to executing Eclipse.

Ready to Run, Eclipse + HostBridge

Eclipse Program Files

  • Click the link to download the version appropriate to you

    • V6.78 -  This works with all versions of HostBridge, but will not take advantage of new features available in V6.81+.  It contains the JavaScript editor and HostBridge plugin preinstalled.

    • V6.91 - This works with all versions of HostBridge, but has features that will not work on versions of HostBridge prior to V6.81.  It contains the JavaScript editor and HostBridge plugin preinstalled.

      • Eclipse 2020-03 x64
      • The Eclipse foundation no longer builds 32-bit versions of eclipse as of version 2018-09

  1. Unzip the package, maintaining the directory structure (usually the default).
  2. Copy the "eclipse" directory to the location where you wish the eclipse program executables to reside. We recommend "Program Files" if you have the proper permissions, but any location will do. For best performance don't use a network drive. This directory should not be concurrently shared with another user running this copy of eclipse.
  3. From within the eclipse directory, right mouse click the eclipse.exe and create a shortcut, drag the shortcut on to your desktop. Windows 7/8/10 users can "Pin to Taskbar" or "Pin to Start Menu" the eclipse.exe instead of creating a shortcut.


The workspace directory will contain all of your source code. The workspace supplied with this package has been pre configured so that you are "ready to run". A host connection has also been defined back to the HostBridge CICS training/demo region. If you do not wish to use the preconfigured workspace you can skip these steps.

  1. Copy the "Workspace" directory to the location where you wish your source code to reside. Generally the "My Documents" directory or a network location are acceptable. The Workspace directory can be renamed as desired.
  2. Start Eclipse via the shortcut or the pinned location.
  3. A dialog box will open shortly requesting a location to the workspace directory. Enter the full path to the workspace directory or use the "Browse" button to navigate and select the workspace directory.

HostBridge Eclipse Plug-in Install from URL

This is the preferred method for installing and updating the HostBridge plugin.  Use the steps below if you want to install the HostBridge plug-in into an existing installation of Eclipse.

    1. Copy the URL:

    2. Start Eclipse

    3. Navigate to Help → Install New Software...

    4. Paste the above link into the "Work with" field, hit enter

    5. Select the appropriate HostBridge components, follow the on screen prompts

HostBridge Eclipse Plug-in Install from Zip

If the above method fails to install or update the HostBridge plugin you probably have a proxy server in between you and the internet.  Eclipse can be configured to use your companies proxy server (Window → Preferences → General → Network Connections) but without with out company specific instructions it may be difficult and/or time consuming to set up.  The process below avoids this problem.

Trader Sample Application