A number of changes for the HostBridge Activities facility in release 6.78 were inadvertently left out of the HostBridge installation JCL and source files.

If you do not use the HostBridge Activities facility (which is new with release 6.78), you do not need to make any changes to the files.  If you intend to use the facility, you need to make the following corrections after HostBridge 6.78 is installed:

  • Replace the members STATREPT and STATTEST in your installation JCL PDS with the following members: STATREPT.JCL STATTEST.JCL
  • Upload the following file to your mainframe as a fixed file (RECFM=FB, LRECL=15000, BLKSIZE=0) and name it yourhlq.V678.PRIMER.HBSTATS (where yourhlq is the same as your HLQ for the other HostBridge primer files): PRIMER_HBSTATS.txt
  • Replace the existing RDO definition for HBSTATS in your system with the two definitions in the following attachment: rdochang.txt
  • Recreate your initial HBSTATS file using the following JCL: RECRSTAT.JCL

You will now be ready to use the HostBridge Activities facility.

All of the above changes have also been made in the existing HostBridge installation base files and will be carried forward in future releases. 

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