We have uncovered (with the assistance of one of our customers) a potential problem with promoting a script from one repository to another. 

The problem may occur when the 'made' version of the script in the source repository spans more than one record in that repository, and the 'made' version of the script in the target repository does not.  When the PROMOTE for that script is attempted, you may see the following error message:

HB-JSUT-1013-F:  An error occurred during WRITE processing for file VSCRIPTO with a status code of 22

In addition, the PROMOTE batch job step will end with a return code of 99.

This problem has been resolved with a new version of the HostBridge load module HBR$JSUT.  It will work with any HostBridge release including and subsequent to 6.02.

To implement the fix, please do the following:

1.  Copy the following attachment to your computer: HBR$JSUT_071613.xmt.  This file is a new version of the HostBridge load module HBR$JSUT in transmit format.

2.  Using FTP and binary transfer, upload the new module to your mainframe.  The target file on the mainframe must be a sequential file in fixed block format with a record length of 80 (any blocksize is acceptable).

3.  Using the TSO RECEIVE command,  copy the transmit file to a load library.

4.  Modify your existing HostBridge batch jobs that execute a DELETE, PROMOTE or RESTORE using HBR$JSUT to point at the new module.

5.  Modify the same JCL to change the DD name for VSCRIPTO to OUTSCRPT, the DD name for VSCRIPT2 in the batch job executing a PROMOTE to OUTSCRP1, and the DD name for VSCRIPT1 in the batch job executing a DELETE or RESTORE to OUTSCRP1.

The following attachments are sample JCL containing the required changes:


You are now ready to run the batch jobs with the new load module.

As of July 16, 2013, Version 6.62 of HostBridge has been upgraded to contain the above fix.   If you download HostBridge 6.62 from the web site on July 16, 2013 or later, you will not need to also apply the fix.

Please contact HostBridge Support if you have any questions about this fix.

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