There are three reserved HostBridge DOCTEMPLATEs that you can modify to specify directives. They are:

  • HBR@INIT - Directives that are processed when CICS is started
  • HBR@SESS - Directives that are processed each time a HostBridge session is started and a state token generated
  • HBR@RQST - Directives that are processed every time a HostBridge input request is made

All of these DOCTEMPLATEs have the same format. They are PDS members that have the following format:

When you wish to add a new directive to the list within a DOCTEMPLATE, add a new line containing the directive.  In the sample below, HB_DEBUG=0 has been added:

You may also delete directives from the list by removing the line that the directive is on, or modify a directive by just overtyping its value.

When you have finished changing the DOCTEMPLATE and saving your changes, you should use HBSM to update them in the region (the directions are here).  Alternatively, you can:

  • Ensure that the DOCTEMPLATEs are defined via RDO to your CICS region (check with your system programmer)
  • Perform a NEW COPY of the DOCTEMPLATE on the CICS region where HostBridge is running (your systems programmer may have to do this)

There are several coding conventions that are common to all PARMLIB members.  These conventions are described here.

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