HostBridge includes a full-featured ECMAscript (Javascript) engine that allows integration developers to access mainframe applications and data sources using their existing knowledge and development skills. The HostBridge JavaScript engine (HB.js) provides a collection of classes that facilitate direct interaction with CICS resources. This manual details the classes, fields, and methods currently available.

Class Index

Class nameDescription
__EibEXEC Interface Block Object This class provides access to low level EXEC Interface Block.
__EngineOutputEngine Output Object
__RepositoryEntryRepresents a repository entry
__CicsSessionCICS related information holder
_Global_Global methods 
CicsThis class provides access to the CICS interfaces.
HB HostBridge Namespace
HB.CommareaProgramCOMMAREA program.
HB.engineScript Engine object.
HB.MqMQ Queue
HB.MqMsgMQ Message
HB.request.httpRequest interface when invoked via HTTP.
HB.response.httpResponse interface when invoked via HTTP.
HB.SessionBase HostBridge Session interface.
HBFieldHostBridge field interface This class provides access to the data and meta information associated with a HostBridge field.
StringBufferClass providing string building functionality using a string buffer.

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