With respect to Software Program(s) for which the relevant Warranty Period is in effect or that Licensee has purchased Maintenance Services, HostBridge will provide Licensee with the following Maintenance Services:

24 x 7 Support: Severity Levels.  HostBridge will provide support services on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis and will respond to service requests and correct Errors or provide a Work-Around in accordance with the severity level reasonably assigned by Licensee as follows:

1Licensee experiences a complete loss of service.  Work cannot reasonably continue, the operation is mission critical to the business and the situation is an emergency.  A Severity 1 request has one or more of the following characteristics:  a) A critical  documented function is not available; b) System hangs indefinitely, causing unacceptable or indefinite delays for resources or response; or c) System crashes, and crashes repeatedly after several attempts.   HostBridge will work 24 x 7 until the issue is resolved or as long as useful progress can be made.  Licensee must provide HostBridge with a contact during this 24 x 7 period (either on site or by pager/cell) to assist with data gathering, testing, and applying fixes.  It is requested that the Licensee propose requests of this classification with great care, so that valid severity 1 situations obtain the necessary resource allocation from HostBridge.
2Licensee experiences a severe loss of service.  No acceptable workaround is available; however, operation can continue in a restricted fashion.Update on status and ETA on a fix every business day. 
3Licensee experiences a minor loss of service.  The impact is an inconvenience, which may require a workaround to restore functionality.Update on status and ETA on a fix every day or every week.
4Licensee experiences no loss of service.  The result does not impede the operation of a system.Update on status every week and upon inquiry by customer.

Maintenance for Upgrades.  HostBridge will provide Licensee with any revision, upgrade , error-correction, change, enhancement, amendment or modification to the relevant Software Program(s), including modifications necessary to allow the Software Program(s) to work in connection with revision to the reveant operating system(s).  HostBridge will provide such Upgrade to Licensee with detailed instructions concering installation at no additional cost to Licensee provided Licensee has purchased Maintenance Services for the relevant twelve (12) month period.

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