A demonstration environment is maintained by HostBridge Technology and is available for your use.  The following explains how to connect to it.

First, copy the XML document at the following link to your PC: HostBridgeDemoSystemV1.xml

This document contains all of the definitions that you will need to connect to the HostBridge demonstration environment.

Then, from your Eclipse IDE environment:

Right click anywhere in the Hosts tab.  You will see the following drop-down:

Click on Import Host.  You will see the following popup window:

Insert the file path for the XML document you copied to your PC where shown in the popup and click OK.   You should see support (demo.hostbridge.com) added to the Host list:  

Now, expand the Support (demo.hostbridge.com) host selection so that you see:

Double click on the GettingStarted repository.  A logon popup should appear:

Enter demo for both the userid and password and click OK.   You should now see the list of scripts within the GettingStarted repository:

At this point, you have successfully established connection to the HostBridge demonstration environment.   You will be able to look at any of the sample scripts that were discussed in any of the 'Getting Started with HostBridge IDE' articles and to write scripts of your own within the SandBox repository.

You should also be able to access the demonstration environment from your browser by linking to the following:


You will be prompted for a user id and password - enter demo for both and click OK.  You should see the text 'Hello world!' in the resultant web page.  

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