HostBridge provides a standalone CICS transaction (HBGC) that allows you to immediately change the value of any HostBridge directive.  The resultant meaning of the directive will then be in effect until changed again by the HBGC or HBSM transaction, or if changed by an individual HostBridge request.  (For how to change a directive using HBSM, see this article.)

To use the HBGC transaction, type HBGC on a blank CICS 3270 screen:

Press the Enter key.  The following screen will appear:

This screen gives you a list of all of the currently specified HostBridge directives.  To change a directive, simply overtype the value of that dierctive.  To remove a directive from the current list, delete it from the directive string. 

The following example shows a change in the HB_ACTIVITY directive  from 0 to 1, and the removal of the HB_TRUSTED_HOST directive:

When you are done making changes to the directive string, press the Enter key.  You will see the following:

Note that the previous and current directive strings are displayed.

To add a directive, simply type HBGC at a blank screen to get the current string:

Then add the directive at the end of  the string (being careful not to have any imbedded spaces):

Press the Enter key, with the following results:

When done, press the Enter key again to get to a cleared screen.

Please note the following: 

  • The end delimiter for the string is a space.  Therefore, your directive string must not contain any imbedded spaces.  Any directives to the right of the space will be ignored.
  • Directives are processed left-to-right within the string.  Therefore if you specify the same directive twice within the string, the specification nearest the end of the string will be the one that takes precedence. 


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