HostBridge includes field attribute and extended attribute data in the XML output returned after a request. This article identifies which attributes HostBridge supports and which commands control whether they appear within the XML documents. These commands are described in detail in Transaction Directives and Basic and Extended Attributes.

Basic Attributes

HostBridge supports all 3270 basic attributes. The basic attributes appear within the <attr> element of the XML output document.

Extended Attributes

HostBridge supports the following extended attributes.1 The extended attributes appear within the <extattr> element of the XML document. These attributes do not appear within the XML by default.

The HB_SHOW_EXTATTR and HB_XML_MIN commands control the appearance of the extended attributes within the XML document.

Because HostBridge presents as XML data rather than a 3270 screen, HostBridge does not support SOSI attributes. While this attribute is useful to aid users in data recognition and input, it serves no purpose for application-to-application communication.

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