The HB_TRUSTED_USERIDS directive allows you to specify what user IDs will be viewed by HostBridge as valid, pre-accepted user IDs when HostBridge is being treated as a trusted host.  This is to be used in conjunction with the HB_TRUSTED_HOST=1 directive specification and will be ignored if HB_TRUSTED_HOST=0 (default for that directive) is specified. 

You may specify a list of up to four user IDs that can be trusted.

If HB_TRUSTED_HOST=1 and HB_TRUSTED_USERIDS=userid1 are specified, the HostBridge analyzer will inspect the HTTP requests headers, looking for a header named HB_TRUSTED_HOST.  The value of this header will be the userid that will be used to execute the request, and will be presumed to be authorized for that request; this user ID MUST be included in the list of user IDs specified in the HB_TRUSTED_USERIDS directive.

When specifying the HB_TRUSTED_USERIDS directive, it should be specified in the HBR@INIT program or DOCTEMPLATE; it also can be modified by using the HBGC transaction or from within the HostBridge Session Monitor. Click here for further information on HBR@INIT and how to specify directives within it.


Values:  A list of 1 to 8 character user IDs (up to 4 may be specified).

Default Value: None

Examples: HB_TRUSTED_USERIDS=myuserid; HB_TRUSTED_USERIDS=(myuser1,myuser2,myuser3,myuser4)

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