Version 6.81 of HostBridge introduces the ability to define and utilize scripts that are run prior to and/or following execution of any invoked script.   This allows you to take the same actions before/after any invoked service.   However, there were default values of 'test' for these scripts in the installation packages for HostBridge which, if not removed, will cause all of your current scripts to fail.  Therefore, the following procedure must be followed after the installation of or upgrade to version 6.81:

First, in your CICS that is running the new version, execute the HBSM transaction.  You should see:

Next, enter H (HB.js Configuration) as the option you want to run, and press Enter.  You should see:

Then, enter G (Modify Global Settings) as the option you want to run, and press Enter.  You should see:

Now blank out the two lines that contain the word test and press Enter.  (If the two script name lines on the screen are blank, you can skip this step.)  You should see:

Finally, press PF12 to exit HBSM.  You should see:

This will update your HBCONFIG file, removing the previously defined default values for the two scripts.

Note that you will need to do this process for each HBCONFIG file you are using (normally you will only have a test and production HBCONFIG file, but you could have more versions of the file at your site.)

Please contact HostBridge Support if you have any questions about this process.  

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