The HBJSPLAN DBRM and HBR$DDB2 module inadvertently got out of synchronization in release 6.81 of HostBridge.  This will affect anyone that uses HB.js to access DB2 databases.

In order to correct this problem in 6.81, you will need to do the following: 

  • Upload the following two files to your host in binary format with the attributes of RECFM=FB and LRECL=80: HBJS-DBRM.xmt (which is the DBRM) and HBR$DDB2.xmt  (which is the associated module).
  • Use the TSO RECEIVE command to unpack them back into libraries: RECEIVE INDATA(uploaded-file-name). 
  • Copy the HBR$DDB2 module into the the HostBridge load library.
  • Perform a NEW COPY of module HBR$DBB2 in the region(s) that use(s) HostBridge. 
  • Rebind using the new DBRM.

Please contact HostBridge Support if you have any questions.

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