The HTAC transaction is used to manage the utilization of the HostBridge Transaction Analytics Connector.

There are a number of valid HTAC commands.  They may be specified by typing in the first four letters of the command, or by typing in the entire command.  These commands immediately follow the HTAC transaction specification from a blank CICS screen, as follows:

The valid commands are:

  • INITIAL, which initializes the TAC operating environment
  • TERMINATE, which terminates all activity and the TAC environment,
  • ENABLE, which enables the collector and/or origin GLUE and TRUE user exits
  • DISABLE, which disables the GLUE and TRUE exits and stops all emitters (can also be specified at SHUTdown) 
  • START, which is used to start one or more emitter tasks
  • STOP, which is used to terminate one or more user tasks
  • SET, which sets parameter values
  • RESET, which resets all parameters to their initial values
  • DISPLAY, which displays all the parameter values on the screen
  • LIST, which displays all of the emitter tasks running on the region
  • STATUS, which displays all of the emitter tasks running on the region (currently identical to LIST)
  • SAVE, which saves the current parameter values so that they can later be restored 
  • RESTORE, which restores parameter values to their previously saved settings
  • RECYCLE, which refreshes the HTAC environment by performing a termination followed by an initialization
  • TDQ, which displays all of the emitter tasks running on the region
  • HELP, which either displays all commands or help for a specific command if that command has additional parameters
  • REPORT, which provides an insight as to how many transactions are being processed by the HTAC collector over a period of time
  • ABOUT, which displays a brief summary of the Transaction Analytic Converter and what it does

Click on the command link above for a description of each.

Entering an invalid command (such as HTAC BLRFQ) will produce the following screens:

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