Enhancements have been made to storage reporting in HostBridge.

The key new feature is full transparency/reporting RE storage utilization.  Some log messages have been made more clear as well.

This enhancement set will be made available as soon as possible.

This enhancement requires the prior installation of version 6.91 of HostBridge.

To install this enhancement, you will do the following in the order shown:

  • Unload the following file transmit file to your PC: (file will be made available as soon as possible)
  • Upload it to your mainframe via FTP or IND$FILE using BINARY transmit format and the following DCB attributes: RECFM=FB, LRECL=80, BLKSIZE=any valid blocksize (0 is OK)
  • Using TSO RECEIVE against the file, create a new load library from the transmit file
  • Back up your existing HostBridge library.
  • Copy the modules from the new library into the existing HostBridge library, replacing any like named modules. 
  • Recycle your CICS.

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