Addendum to HTAC Version 1.14 (Optional)

Additions were made to the batch components of HTAC for version 1.14 after the official release of the version. 

These additions were developed to support new parameters defined to release 1.14 (TERMTXN, TERMEOT, TASKTRUE, WEBGLUE, and BMSGLUE) as well as some internal parameters, and to add support for the CICS TS 5.6 DFH$MOLS batch component. 

In order to include these additions to 1.14, you should do the following:

  • Upload the following file to your PC: htac_v114_batchadd_library.xmt
  • Transfer the file to your mainframe in binary format.
  • Using the TSO receive command, create a load library using this file.
  • In the batch jobs SMFJSON3 and SMFJSON5 (found in your HTAC 1.14 installation JCL PDS), ensure that this new file included as your first STEPLIB dataset.

Please note that there are no CICS changes of any kind that are needed to implement this addendum to version 1.14 of HTAC. 

If you have any questions, please contact HostBridge Support.