Release Notes for HostBridge V6.93

The following is a list of product fixes, documentation changes, utility script (hbutils) improvements, and enhancements introduced in version 6.93 of HostBridge.

Product Fixes

  • [CS-964] - Fixed issue with expired license key causing message to be sent to console, causing unending wait in PLT

  • [CS-1035] - Corrected spin lock errors in zIIP processing

  • [CS-1043] - Corrected HBRX transaction RDO definition to specify TRANISO=NO

  • [CS-1118] - Corrected trusted user pool issue causing abend

  • [CS-1131] - Prevented recursive ESTAE abends when CICS running HostBridge under zIIP is terminated

  • [CS-1140] - Prevented S0C4s in HBZIZSRB and HBZIQPRC

  • [CS-1195] - Changed RDO definitions for all programs that are global user exits (GLUEs) or task related user exits (TRUEs) to specify CEDF=NO

  • [MISC-1] - Prevented S0C4s in certain cases when invoking cross-memory services for zIIP

  • [RFE-141] - Eliminate nulls in certain messages in the manifest list

  • [RFE-169] - Remove specific VSE code from Session Monitor

  • [RFE-170] - Prevented UCTRANS setting from permanently changing when HBSM abends

  • [RFE-172] - Created new starter file for HBSTATS that matches supplied HBR@AUTO PARMLIB member

  • [RFE-173] - Fixed issue with HBSM Unformatted Global Work Area Display function, which failed when the GWA was over X'EB0' in length

  • [RFE-179] - Removed capability of displaying non-text members in a repository in Promote

  • [RFE-180] - PROMOTE JCL modified to turn off DEBUG flag

  • [RFE-181] - RDO entries added for Trusted Host capability

  • [RFE-192] - Prevented visual proxy from failing with an HBPR abend

  • [RFE-193] - Prevented duplicate HTTP headers from being generated for certain inbound requsts

  • [RFE-198] - Corrected HBR$CAMP to produce correct values when an 88 level is present in the inputted COBOL copybook

  • [RFE-199] - Fixed code to properly handle a field within GROUP with OCCURS to update properly when index specified

  • [RFE-201] - Correctly processes _OUTPUT container set with hostcodepage and CHAR data type

  • [RFE-205] - Various HBR$INTU corrections

  • [RFE-211] - hb_tranid with less than 4 char tranid with hb_data resulted in incorrectly formed input for RECEIVE; corrected

  • [RFE-212] - hb_data passed before hb_tranid results in incorrect input formation; corrected

  • [RFE-224] - Change GLUEs/TRUEs for HTAC and HB to disable CEDF access

Eclipse Plugin Fixes

  • [RFE-127] - Corrected a subsystem error thrown when closing terminal window

  • [RFE-175] - Prevented repository names with embedded blanks from being accepted when defining a repository to a region

  • [RFE-177] - Corrected unclear error message when a repository with embedded blanks was defined

  • [RFE-200] - Modified HB.Session field.autoskip so that it does not return a false positive

  • [RFE-204] - Corrected Application Explorer to properly handle SEND MAP ACCUM without ERASE followed by SEND MAP ACCUM with ERASE

  • [RFE-218] - Fixed problem with curly braces and parentheses being flipped when reversed

  • [RFE-219] - Modified Application Explorer to correctly advance cursor on multi row fields

  • [RFE-221] - Corrected setting to turn validation off by default and to set enabled to be the default for numeric field validation

Documentation Changes

  • [DOC-1] - Added search tips to primary page

  • [DOC-2] - Updated documentation to download software and send files to and from HB from the mainframe or PC

  • [DOC-3] - Documented what to do when AFDK abend occurs trying to run with transaction isolation on and accessing NSR (non-shared resource) files (set TRANISO=NO for the transaction being run)

  • [DOC-4] - Updated missing ADSD creation instructions

  • [DOC-5] - Created document for script logging and debugging best practices

  • [DOC-6] - Documented structure and details of MSCRCFGS file and MSCRINFO macro

  • [DOC-7] - Corrected broken links in PROMOTE documentation

  • [DOC-8] - Documented EXCI response codes

  • [DOC-9] - Added valid values of 2 and 3 to HB_FIELD_RENAME directive

  • [DOC-10] - Described how to invoke HB.js scripts from non-HTTP sources

  • [DOC-11] - Documented debug control HTML page (logging)

  • [DOC-12] - Provided best practices for backing up libraries and script repositories

  • [DOC-13] - Discussed pros and cons of changing CONCURRENCY(THREADSAFE) to CONCURRENCY(REQUIRED)

  • [DOC-14] - Documented 70002 Response Code

  • [CS-984] - Improved explanations for setting up TCPIPSERVICE port definitions

  • [CS-1030] - Added documentation for invoking a non-visual program with channels and containers instead of a COMMAREA

  • [CS-1069] - Added sample code examples of calling HB from a batch program

  • [CS-1083] - Discussed Encrypting PII

  • [CS-1088] - Described how to start HostBridge when CICS comes up and when to use PLT initialization

  • [CS-1122] - Answered CWXN Elimination Questions in an FAQ

  • [CS-1132] - Discussed using HMAC-SHA512 encryption using CryptoJS in HostBridge

  • [CS-1134] - Corrected HB_SYNCONRETURN directive documentation

  • [CS-1148] - Describe how to turn a JSON string into an object

  • [CS-1142] - Wrote better installation documentation when doing an upgrade

  • [CS-1159] - Described where to set HTTP headers in a Ssript

  • [CS-1160] - Described how to do URL encoding for ampersands in a script

  • [CS-1180] - Dccumented doing an HB.synconreturn command to prevent an abend when issuing a ROLLBACK request in a script

  • [CS-1206] - Described how to determine your CPU ID

  • [RFE-189] - Added documentation for HB.js common and debugging utilities

  • [RFE-203] - Documented when to define TRANISO=NO based on VSAM file usage with HB.js scripts

  • [RFE-209] - Discussed bridge partner wait time

Utility Script (hbutils) Improvements




  • [CS-996] - Corrected common routine to properly format numeric data on a get

  • [CS-987] - Fixed situation when an XMLHttpRequest responseXml regex improperly gave "regular expression too complex” message

  • [CS-1188] - Corrected JSON.parse() of the http request body



Product Enhancements

  • [CS-1069] - Created a sample batch COBOL interface to HostBridge

  • [RFE-202] - Channel/container interface to HB.js updated to support the same actions as HTTP

  • [MISC-2] - Refactored HBz Manager programs (for cross-memory services) to lay the foundation for future enhancements

Eclipse Plugin Enhancements

  • [RFE-216] -Added a right click refresh capability for single repository folder

  • [RFE-217] - Changed rendering for Arabic numerals when flipped

  • [RFE-220] - Added an icon to update when switching Right to Left - Left to Right for Arabic