The following checklist can be used when implementing HostBridge for zIIP support:

  1. Set HBZ_USE=1 in the HBPARMS PARMLIB member HBR@INIT.

  2. Make sure that the HostBridge software libraries are APF authorized.

  3. In the CICS startup deck, make sure that the HostBridge software libraries are in the STEPLIB DD concatenation list and are in the same order as they exist in the DFHRPL DD concatenation.

  4. Make sure the HBPARMS PARMLIB members HBZ@INIT, HBZ@BASE and HBZ@JSE are present

  5. Make sure that program HBZ$INIT is in the PLT startup.

  6. Before recycling your CICS region(s), start the zIIP manager started task(s). The name should match what is specified in HBZ@BASE and HBZ@JSE in the MANAGER directive. 

  7. Review your z/OS OMVS IPL parameters (they are in the BPXPRMxx IPL PARMLIB members). An article showing how to tell what your current settings are and, if necessary, how to change them dynamically can be found here.


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